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This is about Ideas.

I’ve collected a bunch of my bloggy thoughts, opinions, and articles on a variety of Usability topics here.


Hi.  I’m John Vaughan.  I’ve worked in the UX / UI / Usability / Media arena for a bunch of years.  I’ve collected some of my writings and pictures into several unique websites.  At some point, I hope to turn them into something that

All Fits Together

  • John Vaughan (Personal, History, Education, Professional)
  • Portfolio (Case Studies, Showcase, Demosites, the Gallery)
  • the Craft (Understanding UX, Roles, Tasks, Techniques)
  • Ideas (Design Thinking, the SocialNet, Metaphors)
  • the Archive (Graduate Papers, Conferences, Solutions, Collateral)

There are links to each of these sites at the top of the page.

On this Website …




Design Thinking is sometimes described as the intersection of feasibilityviability, and desirability. It can take various forms as a solutions-oriented process on The Continuum of Creative Ideation, such as:

  • Vision
  • Utility
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Articulation
  • and more …


The social connection is why we’re here.

  • Convergence
  • Collaboration
  • Cross-Pollination



Sometimes we see a discontinuity between the form of screen pages and the interactive function of the service itself. Perhaps this lack of integration between style and content is partly a result of the metaphors we use.

Metaphors Transcend the Moment

Some of these articles here have migrated from my “professional website” (it was getting too crowded).  Many have also been previously posted on LinkedIn, Quora, FaceBook, or other socialNets.

This site is very much a work-in-progress, both in terms of the content that’s posted here and in terms of the structure and interrelationship of the materials and their sites. Please bear with me…

On my professional Website…

sitelogoThe links below take you to the resume-related info about me that’s on my jcvtcs.com website.  It’s a more conventional here’s-what-I’ve-done-in-my-career thing:

My Resume

fullstack-unicorn-ninjaThe Full-stack Unicorn Ninja is multi-skilled, cross-disciplinary, and able to take a project through to completion.

Value-added:  The topics on my resume are actively linked to appropriate pages on my website.  Seamless Self-Service.

My Portfolio


Spans 30+ years and 100+ clients and engagements.

  • Convergence
  • The Web gets down to Business
  • Transactional Surge
  • Before We Called It the Web
  • The New Synthesis



Here are a few ways of looking at what I do:

  • Domain Experience Showcase
  • Tasks & Deliverables
  • Clickable Demosites
  • the Gallery

the FastTrack


This is your accessible cheat-sheet for my site:

  • Quick Connections (overview)
  • Domain Experience (tagCloud)
  • FAQ’s (framing questions)
  • A Few Ground Rules (for Recruiters)

It’s all about Convergence and Cross-Pollination




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