In the early 1980’s, the newly emerging interactive online industries had to build a large number of pages that could be updated easily, were platform independent, and retained some “meta-information” intelligence about themselves. We didn’t really have many standards in the interactive industry just yet, so I invented my own data-tagging system. It was crudely XML-ish – but it worked

Build a Useful Toolset

My first attempt at Software Solutions was a suite of productivity tools based on modular, customizable templates and tagging (1984)

It embodied


Global HTML-like “tags” to identify and control coherent page elements and stylesheets


Information “placeholders” to allow easy updating of graphically sophisticated pages


Flexibly-defined “info hooks” so that data could be easily manipulated by software engines


Platform-independent “identifiers” so that information could be delivered in a range of formats

Content Integration through Context Management

Functional Framework

… was composed of

  • Templates
  • Components

… which provided a platform for

  • Re-usability
  • Responsiveness

… and accommodated both production and usage

  • Workflow
  • Structure
  • Modular Design


the Toolset

Here are the products which The Communication Studio put on the market to support the “first wave” of interactive services in the US between 1984 and 1988.

Context Management System : TextUp

  • This productivity tool lets you quickly edit graphically sophisticated pages through a simple Template and Clip Art-driven design tool.

Interactive Database : Environment

  • This fully-featured site platform is targeted as a standalone self-service information “kiosk” that can be updated online.

Page Presenter : Show

  • This billboard presentation manager lets you create, edit and present a slideshow on any computergraphic device.

Code Disassembler : EDNA

  • This technical tool displays the underlying code of a NAPLPS computergraphic file with referential annotation.

Clip Art : Image Library

  • Our Clip Art imagery was specifically designed for use with TextUp templates.

Automated Page Formatter : OTTO

  • This software page generator engine takes a “bare bones” simple text file, automatically reformats the data in it into graphic pages.

Traction to Action


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