In the early 1980’s, the newly emerging interactive online industries had to build a large number of pages that could be updated easily, were platform independent, and retained some “meta-information” intelligence about themselves. We didn’t really have many standards in the interactive industry just yet, so I invented my own data-tagging system. It was crudely XML-ish – but it worked


Build a Useful Toolset

One of the first Software Solutions I ever tried to create was: TCS Textup (1984)

It embodied


Global HTML-like “tags” to identify and control coherent page elements and stylesheets


Information “placeholders” to allow easy updating of graphically sophisticated pages


Flexibly-defined “info hooks” so that data could be easily manipulated by software engines


Platform-independent “identifiers” so that information could be delivered in a range of formats


Functional Framework

… was composed of

  • Templates
  • Components

… which provided a platform for

  • Re-usability
  • Responsiveness

… and accommodated both production and usage

  • Workflow



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