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This is a grab-bag collection of UX fixes and observations that apply to usability in general – often Beyond the Web.

Incidental Kitty Door

the Incidental Kitty Door

The magic of Design Thinking  is Insight



The Value of Mis-Direction

 In Amsterdam, the tile under the urinals in Schipol Airport are so immaculately clean…



Useful Distraction

People were terribly upset with the slowness of the elevator service…


Burpless Oil Change

It seemed natural and common-sensical to hold the bottle at the top …

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaoxaaaajdgwmtvlzty1lwnlogetngu3yi1hn2y1ltm3nze2ztq5mmy0nw1Perceptual Threshold

Seeing is believing. Sort of.



Zipcode Shortcut

I’ve seen this technique employed effectively on a few websites – I find it curious that it is not used more often…




Let’s face it; I’m kind of a pest. I get all persnickity when I believe that something is unnecessarily difficult. I need to come up with “a better way” – and I love it when somebody appreciates my suggestion.


The essence of usability design is the compulsion to make things work.

— John Vaughan


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