It may be wordsmith-ery, but I differentiate among conservatives, Republicans, and trumpians

  • conservatives : committed to philosophy & principle
  • Republicans : committed to party loyalty
  • trumpians : groupies, fueled by fear and resentment

There’s also the ‘conservative libertarians‘ – often in the form of teaPartiers, who represent the outsider wing of conservative policy.   Mainstream conservative voices  often tend to be fond of  ‘corporate socialism‘, whereas libertarians often skew towards a focus (at least in terms of rhetoric) on small business and the individual.

Note : self-styled capital-C Conservatives are often trumpians-in-disguise. They have merely co-opted the “conservative’ brand … without the annoying overheard of philosophy and principle

Am almost nostalgic for the days when the GOP was populated with Actual Republicans (most of whom were genuinely conservative (in a corporate socialism kind of way), but including some who were actually labeled – gasp – “liberal” or “moderate”).

Some are now finally, timidly voicing their conscience, but few have exhibited the integrity to act – beyond a belated willingness to reluctantly run away from the trumpian brand.

Some recognized, outspoken conservatives-who-are-not-trumpians in the news recently include:

‘liberal’ corporate Republican Mitt Romney, conservative reformist Jeff Flake, independent libertarian Justin Amash, teaParty activist Joe Walsh

the Trumpian Brand

Generally, we use Presidential references as a compliment:

Washingtonian“, “Jeffersonian” – even “Lincolnian” – These are all positive terms in our popular vocabulary. Each of these leaders had their individual strengths and weaknesses. And their names remain as a reference point in our culture. They embody both policies and behavior which deserves to be honored.

Oh wait. Then there’s also “nixonian“.

Hmmmm … Some have already pointed out the unfortunate Pattern of Similarities between nixon and trump.


When you identify someone’s actions as trumpian … trump-supporters get upset.

Net/Net: trump supporters don’t like to be called “trumpians”

Yes, even trump supporters affirm what the country and the world already know:

“trumpian” is not a compliment.


In fact: Many ‘ex-trumpians‘ are finally exhibiting profound #trumpianRemorse.

The observable fact is that they are hard-pressed to come up with anything positive and so embrace their ‘comfort zone‘ of trying to dirty everyone else. It’s actually kind of … ‘trumpian’ behavior.


One of trump’s undeniable legacies is that the term ‘trumpian’ will be part of our national – and global – vocabulary for years to come. Not in a good way.

Kind of ironic, when you consider trump’s obsession with his Brand.


Speaking of a compromised brand … this one has long-term implications for the “Grand Old Party”, which is now effectively a trumpian tool: Not #myDadsGOP

trumpTrolls who are stuck in the stereotype will probably have trouble getting   beyond Trumpian. But some of those experiencing #trumpianRemorse might want to take a look at the #proudProgressive arena as a reasonable alternative.

It’s mildly reassuring to see (a few) trumpians displaying a resentful, reluctant willingness to recognize reality, for a change.

I hope that conservative voices (not just the discredited trumpian version) can rehabilitate themselves a little – through principled action – so as to be able to participate productively in the tough rebuilding effort which lies before us, as a nation.



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