Framing: I’m a usability service bureau (I help make your stuff work), so I do dirt-under-the-fingernails consultation.  Business is based on credibility (some credentialed, some experience, some word-of-mouth).  Gotta make a convincing argument for ‘communication’.

I like what I do, so that makes writing about it easier. Inspiration comes from problem-solving,events, headline topics, debates.  The dominoes fall and … My blogs are where that stuff gets stored.

My approach: I’m stingy/lazy/efficient – so I re-purpose a lot of stuff.  For example:  This Answer may well end up in a blog article.  The nice thing:  I never lose it.  I can always point to it (without re-writing it).  And it may even grow into something wonderful.

Here’s how it looks right now.



My WordPress web presence includes:

Some Stuff About Me

I can rattle off some background and context: handy facts about my personal history and upbringing – and how it turned into a career. My resume is there, too, and even a list of some of the folks who think I’m pretty good at what I do.

The John Vaughan section of my blog is context.  ‘Nuff said.

Context makes Content digestible.


Portfolio and Showcase

I have a hefty Case Studies portfolio of things-I’ve-done.  It’s a showcase for the range of my craft (including clickable demosites) – and even a gallery of artwork.

The Portfolio section of my blog confirms that I have experience.

“Doing it” is one part of the profession.  “Getting it” is another.



My Craft : professional expertise

On another level, I try to show that I understand what usability’s about.  I can recite most of theRightIdeas about rolestaskstechniques and process.

These articles in my Craft section hopefully confirm that I’m competent.

The thing about working in the usability arena is that folks always want to know “how do you think?”  That’s why I also have …

the Ideas blog

This has stuff in it like Design Thinking, Social Media, Metaphors and even some Odds & Ends.

With any luck, these articles in my Ideas blog show my ability to go a little beyond the biz.

And yet there’s still some stuff left over.


the Archive of … Stuff

This section completes the circle :  It collects some of my “before the Web” pre-blog thoughts and designs:  Graduate Papers, Conference speeches, early software solutions, and some random collateral (proposals, mostly).

The Archive is really a stroll down Memory Lane to my own personal WayBack Machine


When publishing, I push the environment a little, trying different topics and techniques with different audiences.


  • I share among socialNets (I point to the same article from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Quora).
  • I cross-pollinate among articles (this kinda relates to that).


  • I may go intensive on a subject with multiple (related) articles.
  • I may engage in a debate.


  • There are related tools – like surveys – which help spur engagement.
  • It may just be simple little story – an anecdote.


I guess the point here – if there is one – is that

Blogging can be pretty much anything you want it to be.




Quora is a terrific resource.



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