Don’t take the term “fake news” at face value. It’s really code for “I don’t want to believe you.”You don’t have to be a genius to find out the truth (tho it probably helps).  Most folks go for ‘ease of use’.

We will accept much stuff at face value because … it’s just easier than Reality Testing everything. A certain amount of incoming info is open to question by definition. Implicitly.  Because it’s New news.  It hasn’t been completely vetted yet – or justified by history.

I think what we’re talkin’ about here is Intent.  And that goes to Motivation.

Reality Check: Not easy.

Also: Not that hard.

1) Elbow grease (do a little research)

2) Consider the source.  Use proven, trusted sources

3) Apply common sense.

Of course, a trusted source can be wrong – as we all are. But, is it a pattern? And do they deal with mistakes in a trustworthy manner? (Fess up. Own it. Or double-down on stupidity.)

Trust” is the magic Word.  Plus, a little homework. Then again, Philosophers and Scientists have been kicking this one around since time immemorial, haven’t they?

“How can we know what we know?”

It has a digital twist now – and the issue seems to be more focused on Social Trust than Physical and Human Perception.


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