Many of our socialMedia platforms have been hijacked by trolls.

“How did we get here?” is relevant context. “Where do we go now?” is the obvious question.

There’s a consistent pattern to #trumpTroll behavior – Here’s what I’ve identified:



See the Patterns of Behavior of Trollery

This applies primarily to conventional shallow socialmedia (like FaceBook or LinkedIn), where brief, nasty ad hominem attacks, swarming techniques, and a fascination with Big Shallow Numbers can ‘game’ and dominate the environment. A couple of typical attributes are:

[ x ] name-calling

[ x ] relentless attack mode

[ x ] simplistic and unproven claims


Undestand the Motivation behind the Trollery

How does it “work”?  (style) What is the Agenda? (purpose)

[ x ] Distract

[ x ] Destabilize

[ x ] De-legitimize

[ x ] Deflect

Active Measures

Steps you can take to Deal with Trollery

Reasoned debate is worthwhile. Getting stuck to the trumpTroll TarBaby isn’t.

[ x ] Identify

[ x ] Alert

[ x ] Analyze

[ x ] Confront

Solutions : Collective Wisdom

 Quora is a socialNet platform which does a pretty decent job of providing some remedies without compromising the whole free speech and open debate thing. But ultimately the self-policing lies with our collective wisdom.


It is true, as others point out, that #trumpTrollery wants to provoke a reaction. “Feeding the beast” only perpetuates the problem. Yet it is a problem which must be addressed. Here are 4 levels of response:

  1. When you encounter bad behavior by partisan trolls, name it for what it it is, i.e. “This is trollery.
  2. Simply call out the behaviors into your Comment. i.e. “This is what you are doing.
  3. Offer a little mirror-like reflection: “Why are you doing this?
  4. Confront with reality i.e. “This is not true.” or “Your behavior is not acceptable.

Remember that the trumpTrolls aren’t interested in engagement, discussion, or meaningful debate. They just want to waste your time and suck your energy. Keep it simple. Expose their behavior for what it is. Then ignore their insults and attempts to drag you down to their level.

Reasoned debate is worthwhile. Getting stuck to the trumpTroll TarBaby isn’t.


Alternatively …

Turn your articulate annoyance into a tasty article. And share it with those who can appreciate it.

Trollery is all part of a larger whole:  It is an understandable-but-nasty byproduct of the socialNet environment.


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Quora is a terrific resource.




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