The Right to Represent is a well-established aspect of negotiations between Talent and Agent.  But it’s always struck me as being a little one sided …

I am now implementing this as a part of The Awkward Dance of Recruitment, in my response to the obligatory “RTR”:

In return for being allowed to represent John Vaughan, [ recruiterAgency]  agrees to proactively fulfill its responsibility as my representative agent for this engagement with [ clientName ]. Your responsibilities include:

1) Email confirmation of submittal to client, including:







recruiterPhone and recruiterEmail


2) Email status update of the submittal on a weekly basis from dateOfSubmittal

3) Email confirmation of closure of my candidature (i.e. rejection, job filled, job closed) immediately

In the unfortunate event that agent/agency does not fulfill its obligations on any of these points, I will exercise the option block both you and your organization from any further email contact with me and pursue representation by other agents.

4) When you confirm your willingness to fulfill your responsibilities as outlined in this document (by responding ‘confirmed’ to this email), I will allow you represent me, and will be happy to confirm your Right to Represent agreement.

We’ll see how that plays …


Right to Represent = Responsibility to Represent


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