You are assigned to design UX for a product which you don’t believe in its business model. Would you first verify the business model or you start the UX design?

You have an obligation to do the work for which you were hired.

You have an obligation to maintain professional standards.

Articulate your concerns to your client. This is also an opportunity to clarify your client’s expectations of your role. The Client may insist that you not engage in strategic analysis (“Just give it a nice coat of paint.”) Wouldn’t be the first time.

If anything, this is probably a test of your advocacy skills. But also bear in mind that your immediate manager/client may be motivated by other forces (budget, schedule, a “mandate from above”, etc.)

How you handle the situation is your call.

(If it’s any small consolation, I’ve been fired more than once. The issue was not competence, it was compliance.)



Published on Quora 02/28/2018



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