LinkedIn as a SocialNet


Here’s my LinkedIn stuff

These articles were originally published on LinkedIn from 2014-2016. I also attempted outreach to LI management & staff directly – but received no response. Ever.

Eventually I compiled most of my stuff and migrated it all to WordPress (which is a godsend) because … LinkedIn just isn’t all that responsive as a platform or trustworthy as an environment.


FRAMING: Why are we here?


GROUPS : the Professional Edge


SHARING : the Essence of Collaboration


STRUCTURE : Policing Behavior in the PlayPen

EDITORIAL : the Nuts & Bolts of Usage




LinkedIn has recently been marketing itself to us as being more responsive to professional client needs on the topic of “Groups”

It’s a belated attempt to recover lost goodwill and audience.  On the one hand, “It’s about time.”  On the other hand – as a colleague noted, “That ship has sailed.


Suffice to say that

From a UX practitioner perspective , there are many, many things which could (and should) be done to “encourage genuine conversation and organic networking” In practical terms: That’s not gonna happen.

Note: Professional Groups made LinkedIn successful in the first place. Any successful redesign would be a rollback to previous policies & format.

A relevant question is probably

Will any credible socialNet platform emerge to re-establish those principles?




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