Do Clients remember you, by giving you referrals or business?

Yep. And yep.​ And – for the most part – it’s mutual.

I make a point of following up on professional connections & work as a matter of standard business routine, as well as good manners. If it seems like a particularly positive experience, I’ll make the extra effort at outreach.

Let’s talk Techniques:

Easy & efficient

If I find that I’m repeating myself, then I create a cut&paste message that communicates concisely. After all, I can always customize it.

Guide the conversation

“I remember you. I’m interested. Here’s what I have to offer. Would you like to connect?”​ (Variation on the theme: “We worked together. Did you value my contribution? Can you recommend me?”)

Personalize it

Of course. This is especially important for me, because I’m lame at remembering names. One of the best examples of this follow-thru was when I received a ThankYou card after doing business at local firm The Bedding Shoppe.

Olde Schoole works

An email. A textMessage. SocialMedia outreach. A phone call. Or even (* gasp *) a handwritten card!
For all the bigData number-crunching and socialNet noise, the personal touch still resonates. In fact, it’s enjoying fresh popularity – especially for smaller businesses and local venues.

Does it work? I believe so.

What I’d like to see:

It would be nice if the various socialNet platforms seamlessly imported Recommendations from each other  (like LinkedIn) or from other platforms (like my website). Otherwise – It’s just redundant effort.

My socialNet should be seamless.   Shouldn’t it?


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