Our Emotional Profile


We UX’ers are in a constant state of navel-gazing

After all, it’s what we do – professionally – for our clients.

We are the self-aware conscience of the company’s digital presence.


On top of that,

UX is finally “coming of age”.

The practice has been evolving for a while, but it really started having some traction with the emergence of the Web (early 2000’s). The term – and the professional job title – ‘user experience‘ came into popular usage only about 15 years ago.  Which means that ….

We are – emotionally and psychologically – ‘teeners’:  self absorbed, self-important, confused & cranky.


The Me-centricity of the Moment

… focuses on definition.  “What is UX?” has proceeded from a broadly inclusive grab-bag of skills to partisan specificity.

We have UX Research and UX Design and UX Analysis and UX Strategy and … plenty of squabbling over boundaries.

Then, of course, there’s still the issue of credibility (and affirmation).


It is both interesting and painful to watch my favorite job description go through these growing pains.

It may well be that UX-as-a-job will become redundant as usability becomes implicit.  (Note:  It always was implicit, but now it’s consciously acknowledged.)  The very breadth of “what ux is” makes it widely accessible.

As we share the message and the knowledge, we succeed our way out of a job.



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