At about age 13 we all took something called a “Vocational Aptitude Test” that was kind of a career compatibility indicator. My 3 top vocations were:

  • “Librarian”
  • “Interior Decorator”
  • “Preacher/Proseletyzer”



I was appalled. Bear in mind, I was living at this time on a US Marine Corps Recruit Training Base in pre-integration South Carolina – My profile wasn’t really “a fit”.

But over time I’ve realized that …. those 3 roles are EXACTLY what I’m doing now:

  • Information Architecture “Conan, the Librarian”
  • Design & Usability “It’s how you live”
  • Advocacy at the Cutting Edge “See the future, speak the truth”

Ah… destiny



In high school I used to win the Science Fair with regularity. I soon realized that I won the awards – not because I was a brilliant scientist – but rather because I could “Give Good Presentation”.

I could explain complex stuff and make it interesting.


My AHA Moment:   I wanna do this sort of stuff as a regular job description.

And so it came to pass… eventually.


Entered college in ’67 … Made the transition from preppie-to-hippie, from ROTC-to-radical.

Those were INteresting times.  … Sex, drugs, rock’n’roll…  Went through bout 6 different majors (feel like I minored in Eclectic) – Eventually settled on History, which is essentially Context (squared) …

That’s also when the first “affordable”, black&white, grainy, funky, hand-held video-cameras appeared on the scene – and this new thing called cable TV appeared.

Seems that there could actually be a whole lot of channels.  And some of the communication could be … interactive.

It was a whole New Synthesis

My final year in college was self-directed studies in light and color, video & dance (after all, Interaction Design is Choreography, no?).

Plus a healthy shot of community activism.

The rest is – as they say – History



Guess I’ve provided more deep background than recent career history in explaining why I’m here (which is as it should be).

Like most fuzzy generalists, I evolved into my future, driven by inherent, implacable desires inexorably towards …. uh ….whatever it is that I’m doing now.


I acknowledge and honor the contributions that schooling and job experience have made towards my career development, but I believe that my path (whether conscious or otherwise) was determined early on.

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