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A great strength of the interWeb is its ability to leverage “collective intelligence”.  It often takes form as a shallow  ‘tyranny of Likes’ (FaceBook is an example).  But it also lends itself to collecting more credible data about what people think, know, and feel – as in the form of an online survey.

What are the steps to create a Online Quiz with a nice user interface?  — Here’s my answer to this question when it was posted on Quora

SurveyMonkey is a decent model – and it’s free.


I used it to explore a topic area : The UX Self-Evaluation Checklist

  • was able to do so quickly
  • with adequate tools
  • it looked nice

Perhaps more to the point: Here are some observations about “How to” attract participants

As regards the “steps to create” …

Those are mostly organizational and conceptual.

Be concise. Be coherent. Be considerate. The “reasons why” should be fairly obvious, but basically – You’re asking your survey participants to do you a favor. Treat them accordingly.

Actually attracting participants – mostly through the tools available in socialMedia – is a heavier lift.

But that’s another rant…

the TakeAway:

“Asking a question” is a great way to spark engagement.

Beyond that, many of the *real* questions that are posted on a social Net platform can easily be framed in an environment like SurveyMonkey. In that way, the responses can be collected, measured, quantified, and easily shared ‘beyond’. (At one point a few years ago, LinkedIn actually provided its own survey tool.)

The lesson here is :

a) we’ve got wonderful networks

b) ‘other guys’ have designed really nice tools

c) so there’s little value in ‘re-inventing the wheel’

I do not wish to undermine any particular socialNet platform (Each one tends to do some things well. Other things … not so much.)  But…

IF You’re really interested in mining “the Wisdom of the Commons”, THEN

  1. Consider also publishing your question on SurveyMonkey
  2. Point to it from your preferred socialNet platforms
  3. Publish the results of the survey there, too

Cross-Pollination is the Soul of the socialNet

Just sayin’


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