beBee brands itself as a ‘professional’ socialNet-with-a-heart

(It’s the whole ‘affinity’ thang).

But I look at the actual beBee Content and … it doesn’t exactly scream ‘professional’. That’s one of the reasons why I did “TheMirror” .  I’m fairly adept at ‘eyeballing’ (evaluating) sites on the fly – am pretty sure that the pattern persists, though maybe I should continue my beBee Content Inventory  on a monthly basis, especially since it seems that beBee itself is unwilling to take a look in the mirror themselves.

Quality – Value

The term ‘Quality’ can be used narrowly to make a value judgement (i.e. “It’s good.” / “It’s bad.”) This is the popular usage of the term.  Its’s often in the form of a positive adjective:  “This is a quality product.”

Quality-as-value-judgement is relative.  (We may disagree)

Quality – Attribute

By the same token, the term “quality” is often closely aligned with ‘differentiation’.  It’s also necessary to determine the qualities-as-non-judgemental-attributes of what you’re talking about … before you rate it.

Qualities-as-attributes are analytical and fairly objective.

I generally try to base my ‘quality’ opinion on doing some necessary ‘qualities’ homework first.

Yes, it DOES make a difference.

The New Relativism

The New Relativism is a predictable result of the inevitable trivialization of a socialNet. @Phil Friedman has delivered a nice rant on that recently and I’ve been doing it a while myself.
Hey, I enjoy the kittyPix, the self-help happytalk, the personal revelation, the “hey, you gotta see this!” pointer-post as much as the next guy (the self-promotion blurbs … maybe not so much).

But I also believe that

‘professional’ + ‘quality’ are two words that should go together. Meaningfully.

Once you get past the shallow ‘numbers collecting’ aspect of a socialNet, then the analysis gets interesting. Slick, trivial (content-less) Content will get you plenty of likes. But what can you actually do with it? That’s a whole ‘nother rant unto itself, but…

If you actually want to have real, bilateral communication (you know: interaction/conversation/collaboration/exchange… traction: the creation of actual value) – and not just spam-blast your silly-assed opinions at the world – then we’re talking about something that goes Beyond Mere Publishing. Those for-real interactions tend to be one-on-one. Their value reflects the synergy between two ‘quality’ minds.

Back to the thread:

  • A large number of Likes on a superficial topic (kittypix, for example) is … a big number.
  • Connections, collaboration, and continuity among quality contributors is … actually valuable.

My earliest insight about interactive digital media (circa 1981):

“It’s not the size of the database – It’s the quality of the connections.”

When working on what I liked to call “FaceBook for the Enterprise” back in 2009, one of our challenges was to engineer “affinities with value.”

It can be done.

It should be done.

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