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It’s a technique that I see utilized most on the beBee socialNet. Its purpose is to increase viewership and engagement. Here’s how it works:

  • An author includes you among the named references (“tags”) in the body of their article.
  • The socialNet engine then dutifully sends an automated notification to all of the people who’ve been mentioned, announcing something like “[So-and-so] has mentioned you in their article.”
  • You get all excited (you gullible chump) … and immediately click on the link in order to bask in the glory of your popularity.
  • Turns out that you’re just one of many people who’ve been – essentially – copied on the author’s latest post.
  • As regards your moment-of-fame ‘mention’ in the article … Well … Sort of … but not really.
  • I’ve seen authors (only one, actually) acknowledge that the employment of a tagBlast might be just a wee bit “self-serving”. It’s true – But that dynamic is not the focus of this article.
  • In any case, you’ve certainly been useful … to the author. The article now has at least one additional “View”. And if you’re still grateful for receiving a public shout-out, you might even give the article a “Like” or a “Share”.


Just because I deconstruct the process of priming the pump in this way doesn’t necessarily mean that I disrespect it or don’t value it.

Gotta admit tho: Its’s deceptive, a little manipulative, and I’d like to see it changed.

My standard analysis is:

If you find that you’re gaming the system simply in order to accomplish what you want – Then it probably means that you need to improve the design of the system.


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