This article was originally created to address an issue at beBee, but it applies to socialNets in general.

The little bell icon in the upper-right of my beBee screen has a bunch of numbers in it.

  • “Oh boy!”, sez I.  “These are Notifications!  Maybe somebody likes me.  Let’s see who.” … and I click on it.

Here’s what I find :   Some people have liked my comments.  Some like or comment on my article or post.  Some have viewed my Profile.  Maybe someone’s even following me.

  • (This is all pretty much the standard “Why are we Here” socialNet agenda)

And then there’s often – and increasingly – someone who’s “mentioned you in a comment“.

  • Hmmmmmm.  Really? Cool. Let’s see what this is all about…

Turns out that this “mention” is actually an acquaintance on beBee who’s decided to spam-blast-everyone-on-their-mailing-list-in-order-to-advertise-their-article.

It turns out that I’m just one of many, many people whose @me beBee address has been included in an otherwise content-less ‘comment’ – or perhaps even in the body of the article.

The beBee socialNet engine has been fooled into sending me – and a bunch of other people – a personalized message that tells each of us that we’ve each “been mentioned in a comment”.  well, sort of … but not really


On the one hand:

I appreciate the thought and the attention (sort-of)

On the other hand:

Is this (reallyaffinity?


A well-designed socialNet system should offer useful tools in order to “make beBee all that it can beBee.”  Preferably without being deceptively manipulative.

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