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Thinking Roles: Team Dynamics


“We therefore propose that just as team members today have assigned doing roles, there should also be thinking roles. By knowing how other members of your team and organization think — and by others knowing how you think — everyone can be more energized, more engaged, more creative, and more productive.”

Harvard Business Review

The above is quoted from “ What Kind of Thinker are You? ” in the Harvard Business Review

Kudos to Marc Resnick of Ergonomics in Design for the  heads-up on this intriguing article.

Marc passed away recently.  His insightful comments will be missed.

Let’s frame it

The two dimensions of macro and micro Orientation (big picture / details) and Focus (Ideas / Process / Action / Relationships) in a collaborative environment:

Big Picture Focus:

Details Focus:

“Once you know your style, it helps to share it with others, and have others share theirs with you.”

In this way, your thinking style becomes a useful tool — a kind of social currency — for the team.

The observations – and conclusions – in this article resonated with me.  So I’d like to share them, in hopes that this will help spur thoughtful discussion.  By the way, another Harvard Business Review article – on social currency – is also worth checking out.



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