I Make a Mean Chole


Chana Masala is a popular Indo-Pak “comfort food”.

And I love it. Call ’em chickpeas or call ’em garbanzo beans … or call ’em chana.  You just can’t beat the satisfying simplicity of beans-in-tomato-sauce.

Goes great with rice – or a crispy bread.  I like it wet & a little spicy, sitting in a “bowl” of mashed potatoes

Attributes of a Recipe for Success


Cooking: Metaphors imply understanding


My culinary metaphors include:

Template (the recipe)
Out-of-the box (pre-packaged)
Variation (approximation)
Work-alikes (substitution)
Enhancement (sweeteners)


Well, there ya go.  I hope I didn’t offend by hijacking a signature dish with my own preferences.  Or my fanciful metaphors.


Bon apetit!


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