Books are among the first methods for the collaborative engagement of ideas  They remain among the best.

 Writers & their Books

Douglas Hoftstadter

Gödel, Escher, Bach Explores “common themes in the lives and works of logician Kurt Gödel, artist M. C. Escher and composer Johann Sebastian Bach,”.  It is “a metaphoricalfugue on minds and machines in the spirit of Lewis Carroll


Gregory Bateson

Steps to an Ecology of Mind  …a “meta-science” ofepistemology to bring together the various early forms of systems theory developing in different fields of science.”


Lewis Carroll

The Annotated Alice It has extensive annotations explaining the contemporary references (including the Victorian poems that Carroll parodies), mathematical concepts, word play, and Victorian traditions.

…. and so we come full circle.



It’s a remarkable piece of scholarship … and a darned good read.

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The UX connection?

Probably along the lines of  : “The confluence of diligent research and accessible writing.

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