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Process: a Design Exercise


Interviewers and potential clients always like to see screenshots. But – especially in the UX arena – they say …

“Show me Your Process”

This design exercise was requested by an organization who wanted to assess my UX process and how I think. They requested that I spend “no more than 2 hours” on addressing this challenge.

The Challenge: A hypothetical client wants to develop a single source healthcare provider app for the smartphone.

My Response: With limited time, I tried to be comprehensive in scope, while still demonstrating the ability to propose “traction to action“. Perspective: an appreciation of end-user needs, market environment, and business agenda. A “hidden gold” creative insight (the communality of care). And, of course … Strategy.


The Single-source Healthcare App

The page captures that follow are scans of my realtime pencil sketches.

The following 7 sections are representative of the range of UX challenges:

  1. Big picture overview
  2. User-Centered Design (UCD) focus
  3. Assessment and Insight
  4. UI design model: Community level
  5. UI design model: Individual level
  6. Enterprise level challenges
  7. The Takeaway

1) Map: Overview

I annotated the original challenge and made a visual map of the relationships that emerged. A little messy – but helps me to “see” the big picture. Note: We only deal with the “User/Patient” perspective here. Other relevant players are “Physician” and “Administrator”


2) UX/UCD Challenge

UX/UCD Focus Outlines User Priorities, User Behavioral Attributes,Perception (It’s a Service), and Environment (It’s a Community)


3) The Communality of Care

I believe that the original framing of the exercise misses an important aspect: Healthcare is not just self-service– It is often communal by nature (The user is a caretaker, as well). Sometimes UX exposes “hidden gold”.


4) UI: my Community

For example… solution model for the “group view”

5) UI: Individual Profile

At a more granular level … solution model for the “individual view”


6) Enterprise Infrastructure

All this is possible only if we have necessary pieces in place


7) Strategic Synopsis

Revisit the salient points w/ stakeholder takeaway bullets


Didn’t even get an interview. Oh, well.



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